Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sapa back Hanoi

Inter Bus Line Sapa is the newest car with 45 seats have restored to 29 seats with full facilities

There are 5 times from Sapa to Hanoi

- Leave At  : 8h30am,11h00am, 13h30 , 15h30 , 21h30 from our office at 30 Luong Dinh Cua street,Sapa town

You have to come our office in 030 Luong Dinh Cua street,Spa Town

The price / 1 way : 15 US dollars

Booking email :

Hotline : +84923717907

Besides,we have Limousine Inter Bus line 16 seats has stored 8 seats


Hoàng Thị Oanh said...

Dien thoai không nhấc máy.

Poolman said...

The 10 seats in the back are shocking in comparison to the others on the bus. Only a reclining option, no arm rests, and nowhere to put your feet!! They should be offered at half price, or not offered at all. Beware when booking!

Daniel Holcomb said...

The 10 seats in the back should not even exist. The people who are forced into them are stuffed in like sardines with no arm room, no leg room, and only about 8 inches of headroom between their faces and the ceiling. The rest of the passengers are given fully reclining seats like business class on an airline. Shame on Interbus for even putting those seats in and selling them. Not only are they terribly uncomfortable, they are wickedly unsafe.

Đức Trần said...

sapa đang có dự án condotel sapa

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